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I first realized I loved art at about age 4. The rest is history.

Over the years I had contemplated what I wanted to do, hanging up the ol’ smock and paint brushes trying to conform to the idea that I would go into a ‘normal’ job (whatever that means). But life has a funny way of bringing us right back to where we should be. I explored medical school, nursing school, architecture, art therapy, psychology, you name it, honestly, I have explored so many job fields it’s ridiculous. But, after my time in the Navy started to come to a close, I decided to revisit Medical Illustration. Although I have faced some small obstacels, such as being a young single mom and being unable to just pick up and move cross country to get my masters in Medical Illustration, it is still something I have been determined to pursue. Out of everything I have been working towards, it is the only thing that I have felt that “just right” feeling sticking with.

The idea of going with the Medical Illustration field was born out of failure. Yes. Failure. A lot of students wanting to go to medical school or any healthcare field tend to either make it or not, and with me, I was hurdling down the path of not making it. But, with a 4 year break in the Navy, I was able to come back to my education with fresh eyes & resolve, and maybe some extra brain cells from age, time & experiences. I flunked out of college my first attempt due to life circumstances, but am now graduating this coming Fall 2024 with my Bachelor’s in Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in Studio Arts. With this second chance at life, I decided it is time to stop ignoring what I truly want which is to go into Medical Illustration. It is an exciting field with many opportunities for growth and exploration, and I am looking forward to what the future holds for me in that respect.

Currently, I reside in the PNW in Portland, OR where I am a single mom to two furry Corgis – Gohan and Chi Chi, as well as a human child (who shal not be named for privacy reasons). I am a Capricorn for anyone who is into that, and I enjoy all that the west coast has to offer. In my off time from studying, I am working on new digital art pieces from personal projects to studying new medical illustration pieces & surgical videos. I also am an avid Hiker but have had to sideline that hobby for the time being. I am hoping to get out more in the 2024 season. Recently, I also picked back up PC gaming and am looking forward to building my own setup in the near future! Some things that have really influenced my works and inspire me to continue to create are seeing natural landscapes, as well as reading and watching creatives on the regular, from Stephen King, to Emily Henry, and watching YouTube channels such as Andrew Tischler, Laura H. Rubin, and many many more! I am inspired by those that inspire, essentially, and really like the mystical & the weird all in the process.

Over the years I mainly practiced traditional arts, starting with graphite and regular old white paper, but as I grew up I began exploring watercolors. I absolutely love them, but they take quite the strategizing ahead of time, though this has played a large part in my art process over the years. When I first started college, I started to take painting classes where I learned to loosen up and how to manipulate acrylics. I furthered this practice, too, by learning from Carla Grace, an Aussie professional artist who specializes in wildlife painting. In 2020, that is when I decided it was time to upgrade. I purchased my very first iPad and I started down the long road that was trying to learn how to do digital art without anything but my two hands and the internet. Thankfully I found some mentorship on Linked In as well as through the AMI (Association of Medical Illustrators) but it has been a long, windy road to where I am even now. With all that said, traditional art will always have a special place in my heart, and still plays into how I approach and stylize my work to this day.

If you are interested in working together on your next project, including personal projects you can contact me directly by clicking the “Commission/Business Inquiry” button below, or email me directly at hyattsciart@gmail.com. My commissions are open and I am open to large and small projects.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading! I look forward to going on this journey with you~

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